Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a widely used technology to modify the composition of the internal atmosphere in a package for the purpose of improving shelf life, and protecting the packed products from unexpected squeezing in storage and transportation.

modified atmosphere packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is a fresh method to food product packaging, which is as referred to as gas flushing, safety atmosphere product packaging or minimized oxygen packaging.
Modified Atmosphere allows fresh as well as minimally processed packaged food products to preserve aesthetic, textural and also nutritional appeal. The regulated MAP setting allows food packaging to supply an extended service life without needing the enhancement of chemical preservatives or stabilisers. Processors as well as marketing professionals of foodstuff depend on Modified Atmosphere Packaging to assure fresh as well as flavorful products that consistently satisfy the customer’s expectation for brand high quality, consistency, freshness and in-stock accessibility.
Modified Atmosphere Packaging is an ideal mix of pure oxygen, co2 as well as nitrogen within a high obstacle or absorptive package. A carefully adjusted as well as thoroughly controlled gas blend is established to meet the details respiration needs for every packaged foodstuff.
Plastic films, aluminum foils and also various other product packaging materials that show defined gas permeability homes and/or water vapour permeability buildings are chosen for use. These high barrier substratums become MAP Packages after they are created right into trays, lid stock or bags and filled with a choose mix of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen ecological gasses.
Product packaging films are selected to match the characteristics and needs of the foodstuff. Movie permeability, water vapour transmission prices and also sealing attributes need to be measured and also evaluated at film selection and also again at package converting and also product fill stages, since the ability of a film to deal with MAP efficiency attributes may differ within each stage.

How does MAP Modified Atmosphere Packaging work?

The Modified Atmosphere Package environment is formed from a carefully balanced mix of normal atmospheric gases. The finely balanced MAP gas mix slows down the item aging process to minimize colour loss, odour and also off-taste resulting from product deterioration, putridity as well as rancidity triggered by mold and mildew and other anaerobic organisms.

A meticulously controlled Modified Atmosphere Package achieves and also preserves an ideal respiration rate to protect the fresh colour, taste and also nutrient material of red meat, fish and shellfish, minimally refined vegetables and fruits, pasta, ready foods, cheese, baked products, healed meats and also dried foods throughout an extensive service life.

Why is MAP modified atmosphere packaging so important for food packaging and storage?

Everybody knows that food does not remain fresh permanently. Milk turns sour, bread goes moldy, meat creates a brownish colour and an ‘off’ smell. A variety of variables trigger food spoilage. Oxygen in the air can cause a process of decay called oxidation. As an example fats and also oils in food can oxidise to make the food turn rancid. Among the primary causes of the perishing of food is the development of microorganisms such as germs, yeasts and mould that exist all over us, even in and also on our own bodies. These microbes feed as well as grow on the food product, causing it to spoil. The look of food can likewise alter over time when revealed to air. Fresh meat transforms brownish eventually as a result of interactions between oxygen and also pigments in the tissue.
There are a variety of methods to decrease these procedures of putridity and also to keep food eye-catching and edible for as long as possible. These consist of straightforward refrigeration– the lower the temperature the slower most microbes will grow– or therapies such as pickling, treating with salt or by adding artificial preservatives.
To maintain food fresh for as lengthy as feasible without ingredients is an obstacle, and also one essential modern technology for accomplishing this goal is to seal the food product in a package which has a blend of all-natural gases in meticulously regulated percentages that substantially slow down the procedure of decay by preventing processes of oxidation as well as the growth of microorganisms. This is the essence of modified atmosphere packaging: the ambience in which the food is packaged is modified so that putridity is markedly minimized and also the service life of the item is boosted.
The type and proportion of gas used in the product packaging is mainly dictated by the type of food in the plan and also the type of decay or adjustment that the food undergoes.
To package a product in a modified atmosphere requires innovative equipment to eliminate air from the packaging chamber and replace it with a different gas or specifically defined mixture of gases, then seal the product in the product packaging so that just the modified atmosphere borders the item and also none various other unwanted gas.
Cutting edge innovations have been established to guarantee that the gas mix is the right one, and also to test that once secured the plans consist of the right blend as well as do not leakage.
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