Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine (VSP)

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Vacuum skin packing technology

VSP vacuum skin packaging is used to seal food & non-food product over its entire surface on a shape-retaining lower rigid film or a ready-made tray using a special skin film, which looks like a second skin on the product. KANGBEITE PACKAGING MACHINERY offers several types of vacuum skin packaging machines for production of vacuum skin packs.
VSP vacuum skin packaging – a new concept with familiar technology, does everything:

  • Extends shelf life
  • Keeps flavors and ingredients at their freshest
  • Optimizes product presentation
  • Is easy to use

VSP vacuum skin packaging is the best ever food packaging solution for best food presentation and storage. The packaging technology is widely used for packaging of beef, pork, poultry, cheese, seafood, etc.

Vacuum skin packaging machine

VSP vacuum skin packaging machines, also known as skin pack machine, have been improved since they were invented. Now we have full series of vacuum skin packaging machines at various automation grade. From semi-auto bench type tray sealing VSP machines to fully automatic thermoforing packaging machines for VSP packaging. KANGBEITE (COMBET) PACKAGING is doing our best to supply our customers with best vacuum skin packaging solutions.


KANGBEITE PACKAGING offers various types of vacuum skin packaging machines that are differentiated by automation grade and output:

  1. Bench type semi-auto vacuum packaging machine use premade trays: Sealing film auto run & trimmed to fit the trays; Product manually filled to premade trays; Trays manually placed to moulds.  
  2. Inline automatic vacuum skin packaging machine use premade trays: Sealing film auto run & trimmed to fit the trays; Product manually or automatically filled to premade trays; Trays manually or automatically placed to the moulds.
  3. Thermoforming automatic vacuum skin packaging machine: Trays formed by rigid forming (lower) film automatically; Product manually or automatically filled to formed trays.

Customers can easily find their right machines as per budget plan, production output, labor saving requirement, etc.

Yes. Packaging machines are highly customizable products. With regard to the vacuum skin packaging machines, we can customize the machine according to customer’s unique requests.

Please don’t worry about this.
Since the electricity supply is different in different countries, we customize the vacuum skin packaging machine to fit the voltage & frequency of the power supply in your country.
100-480V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
For semi-auto vacuum skin packaging machines, you always have to have the trays filled manually;
For inline automatic vacuum skin packaging machines and thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machines, auto-filling is always possible.
Please contact us if you want auto-filling.
KANGBEITE PACKAGING provides 1 year free warranty for our vacuum skin packaging machines, except for the quick-wear parts.
After the free warranty period ends, we continue to provide services free or at certain prices, according to the situation.


Our company and products own CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications.

We can send engineer to your factory, at certain extra payment. Details need to be negotiated.

  1. For chamber vacuum sealers, it usually takes 5-15 business days before delivery;
  2. For thermoforming packaging machines, it usually takes 25-35 days before delivery.

Final production and delivery date shall be determined according to production schedule. We always work hard to make sure of prompt delivery of the machines ordered by our customers.