Company Profile

Professional Manufacturer and service provider of various packaging machines with Over 10 years of experience.

Shandong Kangbeite Packaging Machinery CO., LTD. is one of the bellwether in packaging industry in China domestic market.
Kangbeite Machinery company and our products own certifications of : ISO9001, ISO14001, CE. Based on the market needs, we have developed a whole series of automatic & semi-auto packaging machines that integrate all the functions in the package of products, which resulted in highest packing efficiency, labor cost saving and better product presentations, we help our users make their packages look more professional and meet the needs of market.

  • Factory area: 13000 m²
  • Staffs: 50-100
  • Annual sales: over 5 million USD
  • R&D team staff: 5
  • Seaport: Qingdao port

Company History

Keep listening, Keep moving forward.
In 2006, we were located in a small workshop in Zhucheng, China. Since day one,  our goal and mission never changes, that is to provide top quality product and service to our customers.
Since the start year 2006, we’ve been keeping researching the market, keeping learning the cutting-edge technology in the packaging machines business, keeping improving function and every details of our machines, keeping listening to our customers and market to improve service level.
All the hard work laid the first stone for the steady growth of the company. Start from 2012, our company achieves an annual revenue growth rate to up to 60%. We are sharing more and more domestic market in China.
We moved to new plant location for our expanding business in 2014, and in this year we have bought double size plant area to ready for next year’s expansion plan. And we started to export our machines overseas.
For us, top quality products and top quality services are always equally important. We deeply understand the truth that in international business, to export a product is always easy, but good after-sale service is customers’ most concern, thus it’s our most concern too.
We sincerely invite international friends to visit our factory any time.

Mission Statement

Unchangeable Principle

  • Quality , Technology and services are the basis of all enterprise

The intention is to provide clients high-efficiency products and better services by making the professional technology as our foundation and the quality considerations as our first priority.

  • High value-added product

With the global interoperability, one of our most important marketing approaches is to assist our users to enhance the additional value of their products. Offering a solution to reduce the cost is not our only consideration. Nowadays, the capacity of manipulating the costs of high quality products is severely limited. On the other hand, there are numerous strategies of raising the product’s selling price. Especially, vacuum packaging machine will offer products with artistic packaging, hygiene, shelf life extension, and stability, which can be a great additional value of products.

Absolute Commitment

  • High quality management for highest reassurance

All of our vacuum packing machines  meet the strict requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE certification.

  • Continuous improvement, innovation and development. Let’s make progress together! 

Core Value

  • Standardized production, customized design 

Since most of our product components are made from standardized molds, they are also applicable to different models of machines, in order to improve the precision of machines, reduce the possibility of malfunctioning, and extend the service life. Simultaneously, in response to the needs of different users, we provide customized mechanical services as well as professional advice and recommendation for the design.

  • Personalized service

We are not only a manufacturing industry, but also a service industry. We supply you suitable products with quality service.

Need a packaging solution?

Why Us

12 solid reasons to choose us as your packaging solution provider.

  • Professional: 10+ years’ experience
  • High-quality products: 100% rugged, precise & stable
  • Hassle-free installation: Onsite tutorial by our technicians
  • Smooth communication 1: Experienced technicians
  • On time delivery: No disturbance to your plan
  • Reasonable price matching quality and service
  • Customize: Your solution is exclusively designed
  • Sustaining service: Lifetime service for any machines
  • Minimum maintenance: Detailed check-list for look up
  • Smooth communication 2: Experienced foreign-trade team
  • Thorough ex-factory inspection
  • Certifications: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001

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