Shandong Kangbeite Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging machines manufacturer and packaging strategies provider from China. We focus on supplying high-end industrial grade food & Non-food packaging solutions to worldwide customers. Our product list includes various types of vacuum packing machines, thermoforming packaging machines, MAP modified atmosphere packaging machines, VSP vacuum skin packaging machines, and tray sealing machines.Read more about us.

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  • Propak Shanghai, June 22-24 2020.
  • Foodpro Melbourne, July 5-8 2020.
  • China Fisheries & Seafood Expo, Qingdao.

In food and non-food packaging, to achieve best packaging quality and efficiency, it’s always important to choose the right packaging method and packaging machines. For different types of products , you should use different packaging types, packaging material, and packaging machines. For example, in meat products packaging, you might need packaging types of vacuum packing, vacuum skin packaging, or MAP modified atmosphere packaging. And for each packaging type, there are several types of packaging machines with different mechanisms, functions and efficiency.

Main Packaging Types

Vacuum Packaging

vacuum packing machine

Vacuum Skin Packing

Vacuum skin pack

MAP Packing

MAP modified atmosphere packaging

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