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Meat packing solution – MAP modified atmosphere packaging

This article introduces the usage of modified atmosphere packaging in meat packing industry. Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh meat is a technology that replaces the air in the packaging container with a protective gas suitable for freshness, inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, and combines the regulation of temperature to [...]

How to keep natural color of fresh meat – meat processing storage and package

This article introduces main factors that effects the color change of fresh meat, and main methods in meat processing to keep fresh meat in it's original color, including meat storage and packaging methods The color of the meat is generally red in different shades, which mainly depends on [...]

Modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh vegetables and fruits packaging

Fresh fruits and vegetables still maintain the metabolism of absorbing oxygen and discharging CO2, while consuming nutrients. Freshness preservation of fruits and vegetables is achieved by reducing the oxygen content in the environment and low temperature storage to reduce the respiratory rate, and eliminating CO2 generated by respiration to [...]

Modified atmosphere packaging machine for bakeries and cooked food packaging

Baked food includes cakes, pastries, biscuits, bread and so on, the main ingredient is starch. Food deterioration is caused by decay caused by bacteria and molds, rancidity caused by lipid oxidation, aging and hardening of starch molecular structure, etc. The gas used in the modified atmosphere packaging of bakeries [...]

Modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh seafood packaging

The deterioration of fresh aquatic and marine fishes is mainly due to the decomposition of trimethylamine oxide by bacteria, which releases spoiled trimethylamine, oxidative rancidity of fish fat, softening of fish by enzymatic degradation in vivo, and toxic toxins produced by bacteria on the surface of fish (Aerobic Escherichia [...]

Fresh vegetables and fruits modified atmosphere packaging machine

Why is it difficult to keep fresh fruits and vegetables? Fresh fruits and vegetables are still living organisms after harvesting, carrying out metabolic activities dominated by respiration. Because of the separation from the mother body, the supply of substances and energy is interrupted, and only by consuming its own [...]

10 questions to ask before launching MAP modified atmosphere packaging for your food business

Before you decide to launch MAP modified atmosphere packaging for your food business, you've got a lot of measures to consider to avoid unexpected glitches. Here we prepare a "self-checklist" of ten questions for you, which is very useful to find if you are ready for modified atmosphere packaging [...]

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