Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packing machine is an important part of KANGBEITE PACKAGING MACHINERY’s product line. We have been producing vacuum packing machines and providing vacuum packaging solution to customers since the date the factory was founded. KANGBEITE vacuum packaging machines are robust vacuum packing equipment made of SUS304 stainless steel, equipped with BUSCH vacuum pump and solid quality components, which ensures smooth operation and longest service life.

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Vacuum packing Technology

Vacuum packing is one of the major technology in food and non-food packaging & storage. Vacuum packing is a packing method to remove air from the packages before sealing of the containers. People use this method to prolong the shelf life of food products, such as meat products, aquatic products, seafood, cheese, nuts, pickles, snacks, vegetables and fruits, etc.  But please be noted, vacuum packing is not a universal packing method for any food products, research should be done before making decision to choose a packing method.

Vacuum packing technology for food packaging was invented in 1940’s, started as small vacuum sealer machines. With 80 years’ development, vacuum packing machine has developed to several varieties in both home use and industriall food business use. There are small table top vacuum sealers for home use in kitchen, there are also larger chamber vacuum sealers for small food business, and of course there are big and automatic vacuum packing machines made for massive production in food production.

Industrial vacuum packing technology in food business requires faster packing speed, compliance with hygienic standards, and more automation grade. Machine specifications are also various according to food features, such as frozen food, fresh food, dry food, food with liquor, food with shell that may penatrate the packaging film, such as lobster and fish fillet.