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Fresh and Frozen Aquatic Products Seafood storage solution

Aquatic products are important food species. The world consumes over 2 billion tons of natural seafood and cultured seafood every year. With the increasing consumption of aquatic products, the demand of aquatic products quality in the consumer market is becoming higher and higher. Especially the aquatic products with better [...]

Durian packaging machine modified atmosphere packaging in premade rigid tray

Automatic tray sealer for MAP packaging in premade trays Durian packaging machine for modified atmosphere packaging in premade trays Durian retailing market in China is booming, most durian products originate from Thailand are exported to China, and Malaysia durian is certified to [...]

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a widely used technology to modify the composition of the internal atmosphere in a package for the purpose of improving shelf life, and protecting the packed products from unexpected squeezing in storage and transportation. Modified Atmosphere Packaging is a fresh method to [...]

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