Vacuum Sealing Machines

double chamber vacuum sealer

Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Regular models: DZ600, DZ800, DZ850
Options: Auto lid swing; 4 or 8 sealing bar; Flat or sunken sealing plate; Customer’s other request

belt type vacuum packaging machine

Belt Type Rotary Vacuum Sealer
Regular models: DZ1000/1S, DZ1000/2S
Options: DZ1000/1S with single sealing bar for larger packs; DZ1000/2S with dual sealing bar for smaller packs

vacuum tray sealing machine

Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

For vacuum sealing of trays, bowls, and cups
Options: Functions of vacuum sealing or sealing only; Custom made mould for different trays; Single or dual mould set

KANGBEITE PACKAGING is an experienced manufacturer of vacuum sealing machines since 2006. Baic function of the machines is vacuum sealing, you can also use the Sealing Only function when vacuum is not necessary.
The machines are designed for vacuum sealing of premade bags, trays, bowls, cups.
Main products in the vacuum sealing machines category are double chamber vacuum sealers, belt type rotary vacuum sealing machines, tray/bowl/cup sealing machnes.
Every machine ordered by customer is individually designed to meet your unique requirements with regard to package designing, package output and efficient use of resources. Durability, reliability and comprehensive service make our vacuum sealing machines a resilient link in your production chain.