Thermoforming Packaging Machine – For Flexible Packages

KANGBEITE PACKAGING’S thermoforming packaging machine for flexible packages (TPMFP) is a typical fully automatic packaging machine for the food & non-food packaging market. With regard to pack size and output requirement, we can customize the machine to fit your needs completely.

Regular models are : DRZ 320, DRZ 420, DRZ 520, ,DRZ 620. Length of the machine can be 4-8 meters.

Important features to consider:
• For flexible plastic sheet and aluminum foil packages
• High packaging output and quality
• SUS304 surface ensures 100% durability and hygiene
• Easy operating interface: All in one big screen controller
• Safe facilities for 100% safe production• Mould easy change, replace forming & sealing mould in minutes
• Can be integrated into automatic packaging lines

thermoforming packaging machine
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thermoforming packaging machine
Optional functions of the machine

  • Vacuum packaging
  • Gas flushing in bags
  • Bags sealing without vacuuming
Machine optional attaches

  • Printers: CO2 or Laser printer
  • Auto filling equipment
  • Metal detector

Package Types

thermoforming packaging machine

Individual packs

Four side sealed individual bags, with easy tear opening or euro slot hole

thermoforming packaging machine

Continuous Packs

Continuous bags of 2, 3, 4, 5, or more

thermoforming packaging machine

Aluminum foil packs

Use aluminum foil for bags form and seal

Features & Specifications

Thermoforming packaging machines are versatile packaging solutions for food & non-food packaging solution. No matter you need vacuum packaging, MAP packaging or VSP packaging, the machine totally fit your needs, in fully automatic way.

  • Vacuum packaging
  • MAP packaging
  • VSP packaging
  • Individual bags
  • Continuous bags

Thermoforming packaging machine apply most pastic packaging material and aluminum foil perfectly, either transparent film or printed film.

The machine is compatible with extra device to provide extra functions to customers, and is convenient to be integrated to a fully automatic packaging & coneying system.

  • Gas flushing device
  • Printers
  • Labelling device
  • Metal detector
  • Auto filling device
  • As customer request

Thermoforming packaging machine is 100% customizable to fulfill customer’s unique requirement.

  • Compact or extended machine size as per your production environment and your requirement.
  • Product loading options to choose: manual loading or automatic loading
  • Customize mould according to your package type
  • Setup power supply according to user request
  • Tell us more if you need your own design

With quick format change over system, mould can be changed in a few minutes without complex operation. No delay in production, nor there’s any waste during the process.

Emergency stop button at touch panel and forming film infeed area, guarantees the shortest reacting time in case of accidents.
Acrylic covers over cross cutting and longitudinal cutting knives;
Stainless steel slide on two sides of the product loading area;
Emergency stop will be triggered if these facilities are disabled.

Food grade SUS304 for any food contact surfaces;
Aluminum magnesium alloy frame inside the machine, insures better strength and durability, more stable construction, and higher precision.

Original Germany Busch vacuum pump with capacity of 300m3/h, 200m3/h and 100 m3/h. Features high vacuum degree and faster vacuum speed.

We fully use Airtac Pneumatic system for our thermoforming packaging machines.
Forming and sealing plate are pneumatic driven, with stable triangle leverage system, which assures 100% stabilization and balance of the working plate that leads to best forming quality and vacuuming quality
  • Mitsubishi 10.4″ color touch screen interface;
  • Mitsubishi 3G60M PLC, with machine breakdown reason  analyze/alarm and reset function;
  • Mitsubishi speed control servo, temperature control module;
  • Mitsubishi motion control module;
  • High speed color mark sensor from USA BANNER Engineering, insures 100% packing accuracy;
  • Voltage 380/415V or as request, Line frequency 50/60Hz, 3 phases, neutral wire, with protective conductor;
  • Power supply with main switch;
  • Individual wire marking in the control cabinet according to EN60204 §13.2;
  • Control cabinet heating drying function, to protect the electric system from possible vapor damage.

Socket head wrench*1 set,
Normal wrench size 8-27 *1 set,
flat-head screwdriver*1,
cross-head screwdriver*1,
extended size
long nose pliers *1,
oil gun*1,
wallpaper knife*1,
circlip pliers*2,
seal gasket*1
Support system in loading area: 2 support rails included
User manual*1

Engineer overseas service available, for installation, debugging and training against certain price;
Whole machine comes with One year warranty, except the wearing parts;
After one year warranty, after-sale service is available throughout the service life of the machine against certain negotiable price.

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