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Fully automatic vacuum skin packing machine thermoforming packaging machine for skin pack

Since the date skin pack technology was invented, scientists and packaging machinery manufacturers never stop their paces pursuing better packing effections. More efficiency, higher automation grade,  more labor saving vacuum skin packaging machine is always what researchers have been working for. Shandong Kangbeite Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced [...]

How different fresh meat packaging methods effect fresh meat quality by Protein Oxidation

Chilled meat has always been the main consumption form of fresh meat in developed countries because of its tenderness, juiciness, good flavor and tenderness during low-temperature ripening. With the continuous improvement of living standards in world countries, cold meat will be the inevitable trend of fresh meat consumption development in [...]

Is irradiation sterilization applicable for vacuum skin packaging?

What is irradiation sterilization Irradiation sterilization of salmon, seafood, aquatic products, cold meat and beef is the sterilization of food (including raw materials) with a certain dose of ultrashort-wave ionizing radiation, and gamma or beta radiation produced by the radioisotope Cobal Irradiate packaged food, to restrain the development of [...]

Vacuum skin packaging developing in China e-commerce market in 21st century

Nowadays, in many e-commerce platforms and offline fresh products supermarkets, many meat products with VSP vacuum skin packaging are frequently eye-catching. Different from the traditional frozen meat and modified atmosphere packaging, the vacuum skin packaging not only prolongs the shelf life, but also effectively preserves the high-quality appearance of the [...]

Boneless chicken thighs packaging machine vacuum skin packaging in premade trays

Vertical VSP Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine Boneless chicken thighs packaging machine Boneless chicken thighs packaging machine is designed for vacuum packaging of meat & poultry products for best shelf life. This solution is completed by automatic tray sealing machine with vacuum skin packaging function in premade [...]

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