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New vacuum skin packing machine you must have for seafood skin pack

For seafood products, like lobster, trepang, salmon, etc, it is very important to keep it's freshness and perfect appearance when it waits to be picked by customers at the market. Vacuum skin packing machine was invented right for this purpose. Compared to other seafood packaging technologies, vacuum skin pack [...]

Is irradiation sterilization applicable for vacuum skin packaging?

What is irradiation sterilization Irradiation sterilization of salmon, seafood, aquatic products, cold meat and beef is the sterilization of food (including raw materials) with a certain dose of ultrashort-wave ionizing radiation, and gamma or beta radiation produced by the radioisotope Cobal Irradiate packaged food, to restrain the development of [...]

Vacuum skin packaging developing in China e-commerce market in 21st century

Nowadays, in many e-commerce platforms and offline fresh products supermarkets, many meat products with VSP vacuum skin packaging are frequently eye-catching. Different from the traditional frozen meat and modified atmosphere packaging, the vacuum skin packaging not only prolongs the shelf life, but also effectively preserves the high-quality appearance of the [...]