Vertical MAP modified atmosphere packaging machine KBT-450



1. Modified atmosphere packaging introduction

Modified atmosphere packaging, in short known as MAP,  is the practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package (commonly food packages, drugs, etc.) in order to improve the shelf life. The need for this technology for food arises from the short shelf life of food products such as meat, fish, poultry, and dairy in the presence of oxygen.

The modification process generally lowers the amount of oxygen (O2) in the headspace of the package. Oxygen can be replaced with nitrogen (N2), a comparatively inert gas, or carbon dioxide (CO2).

A stable atmosphere of gases inside the packaging can be achieved using active techniques, such as gas flushing and compensated vacuum.

 2. Common gases used for MAP packaging

 Three types of commonly used gases in MAP packaging are CO2, O2, N2

CO2: It is a bacteriostatic gas that inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Its characteristics are:

(1) The best bacteriostasis was in the lag period of the bacterial reproduction curve (the bacteriostasis index was less than 100/100g).

(2) It is easy to dissolve in water and fat at low temperature.

(3) It has bacteriostatic effect on most aerobic bacteria, but not on anaerobes and yeasts.

(4) Usually the minimum concentration of bacteriostasis is 30%.

O 2: It has three functions:

(1) Inhibiting the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria;

(2) Maintain the red color of fresh pork, cattle and mutton;

(3)Maintain fresh fruits and vegetables, metabolism and aerobic respiration.

N2: Inert gases, which do not react with food, are used only as filling gases for mixed gases.

Modified atmosphere packaging machine

KANGBEITE PACKAGING MAP modified atmosphere packaging machine series cover semi-auto tray sealing MAP to fully auto thermoforming MAP machines. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any unique needs.


  • Our MAP packaging machines are ideal packing equipment for various types of food products. Easy to integrate with metal detection, weighing, labeling system.
  • Control system: Use MITSUBISHI 3GA20MT memorable PLC, together with MITSUBISHI touch screen, easy to setup and modify motions and parameters. Motions are driven by MITSUBISHI high precision positioning servo motor, ensures 100% accuracy and stability.
  • Temperature control system: MITSUBISHI 4 channel temperature control module, higher precision than temperature control button system; Overheating alarm; Split type heating plate with grids, guarantees better sealing quality.
  • Molds: Aluminum magnesium alloy molds, high strength, durable, corrosion proof.
  • Photoelectric tracking system: Ensure 100% accurate in printed film sealing; Automatically skip the line with empty trays, misplaced trays, missed trays. Remarkably enhance machine performance.
  • Whole machine is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel with more strength, more stability, no deformation.
  • Safety: Equipped with emergency stop; Alarm; Open-phase protector; anti-phase protector.
  • Imported silicone grease sealing ring, guarantees better sealing quality.
  • Cutting system: Specially designed cutting system, integrated alloy blade, longer service life, easy to change.


KBT450 modified atmosphere packaging machine

Packaging samples

ready to eat meals fast food modified atmosphere packaging machine modified atmosphere packaging modified atmosphere packaging of fish and seafood durian packaging meat modified atmosphere packaging modified atmosphere packaging vegetable modified atmosphere packaging


Q1: What are the main types of KANGBEITE PACKAGING’s modified atmosphere packaging machines?

A1: KANGBEITE PACKAGING offers various types of modified atmosphere packaging machines that are differentiated by automation grade and output:

  1. Vertical modified atmosphere packaging machine use premade trays: Sealing film auto run & trimmed to fit the trays; Product manually filled to premade trays; Trays manually placed to moulds.  
  2. Inline automatic modified atmosphere packaging machine use premade trays: Sealing film auto run & trimmed to fit the trays; Product manually or automatically filled to premade trays; Trays manually or automatically placed to the moulds.
  3. Thermoforming automatic modified atmosphere packaging machine: Trays formed by rigid forming (lower) film automatically; Product manually or automatically filled to formed trays.

Customers can easily find their right modified atmosphere packaging machines as per budget plan, production output, labor saving requirement, etc.

Q2: Do you customize the modified atmosphere packaging machines according to our request?

A2: Yes. Packaging machines are highly customizable products. With regard to the vacuum skin packaging machines, we can customize the machine according to customer’s unique requests.

Q3: I’m wondering if the machine adapts to the electricity of our country?

A3:Please don’t worry about this.
Since the electricity supply is different in different countries, we customize the modified atmosphere packaging machine to fit the voltage & frequency of the power supply in your country.
100-480V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Q4: Is it possible to have auto-filling option for the modified atmosphere packaging machines?

A4:Yes. For vertical modified atmosphere packaging machines, you always have to have the trays filled manually;
For inline automatic modified atmosphere packaging machines and thermoforming modified atmosphee packaging machines, auto-filling is always possible.
Please contact us if you want auto-filling.

Q5: How about machine warranty?

A5: KANGBEITE PACKAGING provides 1 year free warranty for our modified atmosphere packaging machines, except for the quick-wear parts.
After the free warranty period ends, we continue to provide services free or at certain prices, according to the situation.

Q6:If I place an order, can you send engineer to help us for installation and maintenance?

A6: Yes. We can send engineer to your factory for installation or maintenance of the modified atmosphere packaging machine, at certain extra payment. Details need to be negotiated.

Q7:If I place an order now, how long will it take for the machine production and delivery?


  1. For vertical modified atmospehre packaging machines, it usually takes 5-15 business days before delivery;
  2. For inline automatic modified atmosphere packaging machines, it usually takes 25-35 days before delivery.

Final production and delivery date shall be determined according to production schedule. We always work hard to make sure of prompt delivery of the machines ordered by our customers.

Peripheric equipment to be prepared by customer

Air compressor * 1 set, 0.9 m³/minute; Air storage tank, capacity 1 m³,

Gas source equipment

Gas cylinder with high purity air: N2, CO2, purity above 99.99%, gas pressure

reducer should be equipped.