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Thermoforming packaging machine


What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming (from wikipedia.org) is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. The sheet, or “film” when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that permits it to be stretched into or onto a mold and cooled to a finished shape. Its simplified version is vacuum forming.

Thermoforming packaging machine

Thermoforming packaging machine is also as known as roll stock packaging machine, stretch film vacuum packaging machine, or in short : thermoformers.
Horizontal automatic packing machines characterised by package formation within the machine using two film coils (forming/under film, sealing/upper film) normally made of different material.
Depending on the material used, packages can be flexible or rigid. This type of machine is aimed both at food and non food markets.

KANGBEITE PACKAGING is an experienced manufacturer of thermoforming packaging machines since 2006. We have many years experience in the manufacturing of thermoforming packaging machines and deliver more than 150 machines each year all over the world. Every machine ordered by customer is individually designed to meet your unique requirements with regard to package designing, package output and efficient use of resources. Durability, reliability and comprehensive service make our thermoforming packaging machines a resilient link in your production chain.

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    • The forming chamber adopts 4-axis linear bearings vertical stable lifting system. The bearing uses linear bearings produced by German Igus to ensure that the forming will not be misaligned and high precision. The forming chamber adopts 4-way air pumping system, which has fast forming efficiency and good stability.
    • Vacuum sealing chamber adopts 4-axis linear bearing vertical stable lifting system, German Igus linear bearing. Sealing heating plate owns 8 Airtac cylinders and positioner, which ensures vertical sealing of heating plate, smooth sealing, clear pressure pattern, no skew, perfect sealing effect, high packaging efficiency and no leakage after sterilization.air cylinder lifting system
    • Forming chamber, vacuum sealing chamber and cylinder lifting mechanism adopt the principle of triangular lever, with self-locking function which ensures stable lifting.
    • triangular lever jacking system
    • The equipment frame is made of high strength Al-Mg alloy, (6061-T6) extruded by 8 kiloton extruder (other manufacturer 6105 and is extruded by 2 kiloton extruder). The frame has high strength and good stability.high strength Al-Mg alloy frame
    • The support frame is welded by Shanghai Baosteel 304 stainless steel, and processed by double-sided milling machine. It has high accuracy, good stability, no bias and film falling.
    • The equipment is equipped with automatic alarm function. Each part is equipped with induction switch, which can automatically alarm and stop. Human machine interface can display and analyze the causes of the failure, so as to facilitate maintenance by engineers.
    • The equipment has the function of fault memory reset. When the equipment shuts down and the fault is eliminated, the equipment will automatically memorize the program before the fault and complete the program action before the fault. In the process of using, it can save time, save the stretching film, reduce the cost of using, and improve the efficiency (Company patent).
    • Dry and dehumidify system is designed for electrical control system, which effectively ensures the normal operation of the equipment, especially suitable for rainy areas.
    • The machine is equipped by 100% safe protection system.
    • Effective waste film collecting system
    • waste film collecting system
    • Mitsubishi printer servo system
    • Mitsubishi printer servo system
    • Conveying belt for easy finished packages transportation
    • Conveying belt

    Technical description

    1. SUS304 Stainless steel structure, food grade SUS304 for any food contact surfaces; Aluminum magnesium alloy frame inside the machine, insures better strength,  more stable construction, and higher precision.

    2.Vacuum pump, Original Germany Busch vacuum pump with capacity of 100-300m3/h. Features high vacuum degree and faster vacuum speed.

    3.Forming and sealing plate are pneumatic driven, with stable triangle leverage system, which assures 100% stabilization and balance of the working plate that leads to best forming quality and vacuuming quality

    4.Control system:

    Mitsubishi 10.4″ color touch screen interface;

    Mitsubishi 3G60M PLC, with machine breakdown reason

    analyze/alarm and reset function;

    Mitsubishi speed control servo, temperature control module;

    Mitsubishi motion control module;

    High speed color mark sensor from USA BANNER Engineering, insures

    100% packing accuracy;

    Voltage 380/415V or as request, Line frequency 50Hz, 3 phases,

    neutral wire, with protective conductor;

    Power supply with main switch;

    Individual wire marking in the control cabinet according to EN60204 §13.2;

    Control cabinet heating function, to protect the electric system from

    possible vapor damage.

    5. Die sets:(Example)

    Customized die sets for every machine.

    Die sets composed of upper and lower parts, with sanitation design;

    Single-layer Teflon coating on heating plate, non-stick in forming and

    sealing process, guarantees forming and sealing quality& appearance;

    Punch holes for evacuation/gas flushing integrated in forming die lower part.

    6. Fast switch system for die sets, effectively reduce machine down time to several minutes;

    After die sets are changed, cross cutting knives can easily be switched from the control panel.

    7.Cross-cutting knives are easily controlled from touch screen, each knife is individually controlled;

    Easy tearing jagged cutting or round corner cutting;

    Knives quality guaranteed, sharp and durable.

    8.Safety facilities

    Emergency stop button at touch panel and forming film infeed area,

    guarantees the shortest reacting time in case of accidents.

    Acrylic covers over cross cutting and longitudinal cutting knives;

    Stainless steel slide on two sides of the product loading area;

    Emergency stop will be triggered if these facilities are disabled.

    9. Every machine parts and processes are shown in details on the touch screen. Machine breakdown analysis and reset function available, efficiently reduce the costs of inspecting, repairing, labor and package film waste.

    10.Spare parts:

    Tools: Socket head wrench*1 set, Normal wrench size 8-27 *1 set,

    flat-head screwdriver*1, cross-head screwdriver*1, extended size

    screwdriver*1, long nose pliers *1, oil gun*1, wallpaper knife*1,

    cutting-pliers*1, circlip pliers*2, seal gasket*1

    Support system in loading area: 2 support rails included

    User manual*1

    11.Warranty and services

    Engineer overseas service available, for installation, debugging and training against certain price;

    Whole machine comes with One year warranty, except the wearing parts;

    After one year warranty, after-sale service is available throughout the service life of the machine against certain negotiable price.


    (For reference)

    NameBrandQuantityMade In
    1Vacuum PumpBusch RA0202D(200m3/h)1Germany
    2PLCMitsubishi 3G60MT Memory1Japan
    3LCD Touch ScreenMitsubishi GT2310-VTBA  GOT20001Japan
    4ModuleMitsubishi FX2N-2LC1Japan
    5A.C. ContactorSiemens 3TS31.32.332Germany
    6Emergency StopIDEC HZ323A2Japan
    8High speed color mark sensorBanner Engineering R58ECRGB11U.S.A
    9Intermediate RelayIDEC RJ25-CL4Japan
    10Start ButtonIDEC YW-L101Japan
    11Motor ProtectorSchneider GZ1E211France
    12Power ControllerSchneider GZ1E211France
    13Circuit BreakerSchneider EASY8C405France
    14ChainsTYC 08B2Taiwan, China
    15PneumaticAirTac 4V320-10  4V210-08Taiwan, China
    16Heating Solid State RelayFotek SSR-75DA2Taiwan, China
    17Elevator MechanismAutomatic with self-locking2China
    18Die SetsAluminum Plate2China
    19Cross CuttingIndividually controlled4China
    20Printing Servo SystemMitsubishi HG-SN202J-S1001Japan
    21Phase Sequence Protection RelayIDEC PVR-31Taiwan, China
    22AlarmKacon HRB-PS522Korea
    23Servo AmplifierMitsubishi MR-JE-200A1Japan
    24Chain Servo MotorMitsubishi HG-SN202J-S1001Japan
    25Start/Stop ButtonIDEC YW-L101Japan
    27Heating and Sealing CylinderAirTac SDA100X206Taiwan, China
    28Forming Sealing Chamber Elevating CylinderAirTac 125*1152Taiwan, China

    Packaging samples

    modified atmosphere packaging machine for bakeries and cooked food packaging cheese portion packaging machine cheese packaging machinecheese packagingarabian dates packaging machineagnolotti packaging machinesandwich packaging machinemeatballs packaging machineturkey roast breast packaging machinecorn cobs vacuum packaging machine


    Q1: Thermoforming packaging machine functions

    A1: KANGBEITE PACKAGING thermoforming packaging machines perform the following functions:

    1. Flexible film  —  Vacuum packaging
    2. Flexible film  —  Bags form and seal only
    3. Rigid film       —  Tray form and seal only
    4. Rigid film       —  Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

    Q2: Thermoforming packaging machine regular models and data

    A2:thermoforming packaging machine

    Q3: I think I need machines of different size, can you customize?

    A3: Definitely. Thermoforming packaging machines are highly customizable equipment. We can design and produce the machines as per your request.

    Q4: I’m wondering if the machine adapts to the electric of our country?

    A4: Please don’t worry about this.
    Since the electricity supply is different in different countries, we customize the machine to fit the voltage & frequency of the power supply in your country.
    100-480V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

    Q5:Is it possible to have auto filling option for the machines?

    A5:Yes. Auto-filling of products to be packed, is an optional function at certain extra price. Please contact us with your needs.

    Q6:Does the machine has the function of printing?

    A6:Yes. Our thermoforming packaging machine equipts with Mitsubishi printer servo for various types of printers.

    Q7:I need other functions you don’t mention in the list above, can you do that for me?

    A7: KANGBEITE PACKAGING MACHINERY is always ready to cooperate with our customers to fulfill any potential requirement. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any extra functions.

    Q8: What warranty do you provide?

    A8: KANGBEITE PACKAGING provides 1 year free warranty for our machines, except for the quick-wear parts. After the free warranty period ends, we continue to provide services free or at certain prices, according to the situation.

    Q9:Do you have any certifications for your company and your products?

    A9: Yes. Our company and products own CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications.

    Q10:If I place an order, can you send engineer to help us for installation and maintenance?

    A10: Yes. We can send engineer to your factory, at certain extra payment. Details need to be negotiated.

    Q11:If I place an order now, how long will it take for the machine production and delivery?


    1. For chamber vacuum sealers, it usually takes 5-15 business days before delivery;
    2. For thermoforming packaging machines, it usually takes 25-35 days before delivery.

    Final production and delivery date shall be determined according to production schedule. We always work hard to make sure of prompt delivery of the machines ordered by our customers.

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