thermoforming packaging machine

Thermoforming packing machine for dried pork slices. Some kind of snacks are suitable for vacuum packaging in printed film. In this case, food production factories would prefer using thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for best vacuum sealing quality and fastest packaging speed.

  • The forming chamber adopts 4-axis linear bearings vertical stable lifting system. The bearing uses linear bearings produced by German Igus to ensure that the forming will not be misaligned and high precision. The forming chamber adopts 4-way air pumping system, which has fast forming efficiency and good stability.
  • Vacuum sealing chamber adopts 4-axis linear bearing vertical stable lifting system, German Igus linear bearing. Sealing heating plate owns 8 Airtac cylinders and positioner, which ensures vertical sealing of heating plate, smooth sealing, clear pressure pattern, no skew, perfect sealing effect, high packaging efficiency and no leakage after sterilization.
  • Forming chamber, vacuum sealing chamber and cylinder lifting mechanism adopt the principle of triangular lever, with self-locking function which ensures stable lifting.
  • The equipment frame is made of high strength Al-Mg alloy, (6061-T6) extruded by 8 kiloton extruder (other manufacturer 6105 and is extruded by 2 kiloton extruder). The frame has high strength and good stability.
  • The support frame is welded by Shanghai Baosteel 304 stainless steel, and processed by double-sided milling machine. It has high accuracy, good stability, no bias and film falling.
  • The equipment is equipped with automatic alarm function. Each part is equipped with induction switch, which can automatically alarm and stop. Human machine interface can display and analyze the causes of the failure, so as to facilitate maintenance by engineers.
  • The equipment has the function of fault memory reset. When the equipment shuts down and the fault is eliminated, the equipment will automatically memorize the program before the fault and complete the program action before the fault. In the process of using, it can save time, save the stretching film, reduce the cost of using, and improve the efficiency (Company patent).
  • Dry and dehumidify system is designed for electrical control system, which effectively ensures the normal operation of the equipment, especially suitable for rainy areas.

9、The machine is equipped by 100% safe protection system。