thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is a type of fully automatic food packaging machine for food vacuum packed in plastic four-side sealed bags. The packing material include flexible film and rigid film, aluminum foil. The packaging speed is very fast. For food products such as salted chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs,  a medium size thermoforming vacuum packaging machine can make 4000-7000 packs of small individual vacuum sealed bags. So this is very idel packaging solutioon for large scale food production.

Eggs products are importnt part of food ingredients at our dining table. They provide abundant protein that’s positive for our body. Beside the normal cooking methods of boiled eggs, fried eggs, many people like the flavor after pickled by salt and other seasonings. After pickling and vacuum packed, salted eggs can preserve the flavor and good quality in 3-6 months.