double chamber industrial vacuum sealer

Double chamber industrial vacuum sealer, double chamber vacuum packaging machine, is a series of industrial vacuum sealers that are commonly utilized for industrial vacuum and sealing purposes. The two chambers work alternatively to effectively improve the vacuum sealing efficiency.

Machine size is determined by the sealing bar length which is usually 600-1100 mm, DZ600/2S, DZ800/2S, DZ850/2S, etc.

Double chamber industrial vacuum sealer main features:

  • Made of SUS304 stainless steel
  • BUSCH vacuum pump
  • Auto swing chamber lid option available
  • Each sealing wire is controlled independently for better sealing
  • Thermal fuse is installed to protect sealing wire from overload
  • Wheels with brake for easy machine moving
  • Machine waterproof
  • Rat proof with iron gauze installed at the bottom part of the machine
  • Let us know if you have any more requirements to customize

Double chamber industrial vacuum sealer options:

  • Regular models: according to sealing bar length, DZ600, DZ800, DZ850, Customize.
  • Sealing bar quantity: 2*2 or 4*2
  • Chamber lid swing type: For models DZ800 and above, chamber lid swings automatically.
  • Vacuum pump: China brand vacuum pump available for cost effective choices.
  • Working plate: Flat plate for regular packs; Sunken plate for liquid packs.
  • Customize according to customer’s request:Size and functions.

double chamber industrial vacuum sealer