vacuum skin packing machine

For seafood products, like lobster, trepang, salmon, etc, it is very important to keep it’s freshness and perfect appearance when it waits to be picked by customers at the market. Vacuum skin packing machine was invented right for this purpose. Compared to other seafood packaging technologies, vacuum skin pack technology can keep the seafood products in perfect freshness like vacuum packs while not damaging the appearance of aquatic products; vacuum skin packaging technology can keep the seafood products in perfect appearance like modified atmosphere packaging, but the shelf life is much longer.

Shandong Kangbeite Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has been producing and supplying vacuum skin packing machine. We started from old style manual vacuum skin packing machines. The operator had to manually place the trays containers orderly in the chamber, manually stretch the sealing film to cover the trays, manually press down the chamber cover, and after sealing process is completed, operator had to manually cut off the film with a knife. As we can imagine, this process is very slow and complicated. It’s totally not suitable or industrial grade papckaging requirements.

New designed vacuum skin packing machine

Recently, KANGBEITE PACKAGING has introduced it’s newly designed series of VSP vacuum skin packing machines to the market. Of which, the semi-automatic tray sealing machine for vacuum skin packing is widely welcomed by worldwide customers, for it’s afforable and much faster. Operator only need to put the trays contain products to the mold, and after sealing process completed, take out the finished packs, very easy, no hassles.

vacuum skin packing machine

The mold is custom made according to customer’s tray size, in every cycle, there can be 1-6 trays perfect sealed by vacuum skin pack technology.

1. Specifications
Model No.KBT-VSP001
Mold quantity (set)1
Trays to seal per cycle2/3/4/6
Packing speed         (3-4 cycles per minute)6-16 trays/minute
Power supply220V/380V/415V,50/60HZ, 3Phase
Air pressure(Mpa)0.6-0.8
Vacuum pump (m3/h)100
Vacuum pump brandGerman BUSCH R5-100
Air exchange rate (%)≥99
Weight (kg)500
2. Components
Touch screenMitsubishi
Machine frameAluminium magnesium alloy
Surface panelthickness 1.5mmFood grade SUS304 stainless steel
Mold systemAviation Aluminum 6061#
Servo motorMitsubishi
Sealing film motorJSCC
Cutting knivesSpecial produced alloy steel
Magnetic valveAirtac
Air cylinderAirtac
Vacuum pumpBUSCH