thermoforming packaging machine

Thermoforming packaging machine

Thermoforming packaging machine, AKA rollstock packaging machine, plays a fantastic role in world history of food production. This type of packaging machine earns its position by several outstanding advantages:

  • Labor saving. Labor cost is more and more expensive internationally, with the usage of thermoforming packaging machine, only 1-2 operator is required, for those machine with automatic filling system, 1 operator can easily control multiple machines.
  • Fast packing speed. As the packaging pockets / trays are formed and sealed automatically, all you need to do is install the forming film and sealing film to the axises, setup essential parameter by touch screen which is ultra easy. Packing speed could be from several hundred to 6 thousand packs, as per the size of the packs.
  • Hygienic. Machine surface is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, easy to clean, 100% hygienic, help you to comply with food’s hygienic standards.
  • Safety. Safety facilities are important in industrial production. With the thermoforming packaging machine, the knives are covered and proteced by arcylic covers, 1-2 emergency stops, and other safety facilities. Once any safety facility is intrigured, the whole system will brake to make sure of the operator’s safety.
  • The thermoforming packaging machine is well adapted to many package types.

Packaging types that could be completed by thermoforming packaging machines

  1. Vacuum packs    Gnocchi di patate packaging machine
  2. Continuous packs  thermoforming packaging machine
  3. Aluminum foil vacuum packs    thermoforming packaging machine
  4. Rigid film Tray/ Cup/ Bowl packs    modified atmosphere packaging
  5. VSP vacuum skin packs     roast salmon packaging machine
  6. MAP modofied atmosphere packs    olives packaging machine