packaging materials for food vacuum packaging machine

Food vacuum packaging machine is the first choice of food packaging, so we must know the packaging materials used in packaging products. Food packaging material is an important factor affecting food safety and hygiene, so the choice of packaging material is also an important one.

What is the relationship between food vacuum packaging machine and food safety and what impact it has on food safety? This is a matter of concern to everyone. After all, it is related to diet. These are also issues of great concern to food manufacturers. Nowadays, food safety has attracted people’s attention, and food quality problems often exposed in the media and TV programs have touched the hearts of consumers. So how to keep food longer is also the most popular topic.

Food vacuum packaging machine is used to pack food. In addition to some parts which need to be directly contacted in the process of food packaging, other important factors that affect food safety mainly come from food packaging materials, which is an important factor affecting food safety; but the quality of food vacuum packaging machine and food safety are not. Direct impact, food vacuum packaging machine in the use of attention to cleanliness and hygiene, and the choice of non-toxic, odorless packaging materials, to solve these two problems can avoid food packaging process pollution, of course, here also appeals to the staff working in the food industry to maintain good hygiene habits, and then Only by cooperating with the sanitary environment of factories can food safety and hygiene be ensured.

Food vacuum packaging machine

Food vacuum packaging machine is composed of vacuum system, pumping and inflating sealing system, hot-pressing sealing system, electrical control system and so on. External pumping vacuum packaging machine is to automatically seal the packaging bag after it is pumped into low vacuum. Because of the high vacuum in the bag, the residual air is very little, which inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria, avoids the oxidation, mildew and corruption of the goods. At the same time, for some soft goods, the packaging can be reduced by automatic vacuum packaging machine. Volume, easy to transport and storage.

Vacuum packaging or vacuum inflatable packaging commonly used double-layer composite film or three-layer aluminum thin composite film made of three-side sealing packaging bags, the thickness of composite film is generally between 60-96UM, in which the inner layer is a thermal sealing layer, which requires good thermal sealing, thickness between 50-80um, outer layer is a sealing layer, which requires good air tightness and printability. Polyethylene (PE) is commonly used as the inner base material of composite film, such as high temperature cooking bag, high temperature resistant polypropylene (CPP), tensile polypropylene (OPP), polyester (PET), nylon (PA) and so on. Some foods such as tea, milk powder and some high-fat foods need to be used. Light-retardant packaging, in order to prevent food from changing color, aroma and taste due to the influence of light, is to compound an extremely thin layer of aluminum foil (AL) between the inner and outer substrates, and its air tightness is also strengthened.

Now there are many enterprises specializing in the production of food vacuum packaging bags. Customers can communicate with their technology when ordering, and order bags suitable for their products according to their own product characteristics.