The rotary belt type vacuum packaging machine, (rolling vacuum packaging machine)as any packaging machines, needs regular maintenance and protection during a period of use. Your are always welcome to ask any questions with regard to vacuum packaging machines.

Below is a list of maintenance tips for rotary belt type vacuum packaging machine:

1. The solenoid valve of rolling vacuum packaging machine should be removed and cleaned every 6 months. The method is as follows:

A. Turn off the power supply and dismantle the solenoid valve.

B. When the solenoid valve is dismantled, Put the valve seat, coil, valve body, valve core and spring into the wash oil/kerosene and cleaned (pay attention to fire prevention).

C. The rolling vacuum packaging machine needs to dry the parts and install them in accordance with the assembly sequence (a small amount of lubricant should be applied before the core is installed).

D. Rolling vacuum packer should take off the valve body and rotate the spool at a certain angle until there is no noise if the valve has strong vibration or strange noise during the electrification test.

2. Rolling vacuum packer should add lubricant to connecting rod, slider, bearing, chain, gear and so on in about 30 days.

When the oil level of gearbox is low, 20 # oil should be added to the rotating and sliding parts, and 20 # oil or butter should be added.

3. Rolling vacuum packer should keep clean and sanitary, free of oil pollution, especially the surface of heating strip and silicone strip, and should not adhere to any foreign body, so as to avoid affecting the sealing quality and service life.

4. The stop position of sealing silicone strip (conveyor belt) of rolling vacuum packaging machine and the height between heating rod and sealing silicone strip.

Before leaving the factory, the equipment has been checked and debugged, but in the process of use (or transportation), due to wear and tear (bump) and other reasons, it may cause certain deviations, which need to be adjusted and corrected in time. Its criteria and methods are as follows:

A. The sealing silicone strip of rolling vacuum packaging machine should be aligned, aligned and balanced with the heating rod on the upper studio in each step (working cycle).

B. The height between heating rod and sealing silicone strip should be 7-10 mm. If the gap is too large or too small, it can be adjusted by adjusting the screw of the guide post pressure spring on the studio.

5. Adjustment of conveyor belt brake of rolling vacuum packaging machine. The imported positioner is used so that the sealing silicone strip on the conveyor belt and the heating rod in the studio will not have any dislocation and inaccurate sealing. The use of import positioner can make the seal of packaging bag on the sealing silicone strip or a straight line without deviation.

6. The rolling vacuum packaging machine should work in the environment of temperature-5-60 C, relative humidity not more than 85%, no dangerous and harmful gases, no powder flying, no unsafe explosive dangerous goods in the surrounding air.

7. Rolling vacuum packer should check the oil level of vacuum pump regularly to keep the oil level at 2/3 position of oil window; vacuum pump should adopt imported special vacuum pump oil.

8. The rolling vacuum packer has just observed that the oil in the pump becomes black or milky white. When there are droplets in the oil or the viscosity increases, it proves that the oil has been polluted and the vacuum pump oil should be replaced immediately. Normally, the vacuum pump oil is replaced every 1500-2000 hours, and the oil level is checked again after replacement.

9. Rolling vacuum packer should make the vacuum pump run for 15-30 minutes before replacing the vacuum pump oil. When the oil temperature rises, it should stop running and cut off the power supply. Unscrew the oil cap, open the oil release bolt, drain the oil, screw the oil release bolt, point the vacuum pump, make it run for 5-10 seconds, open the oil release bolt, and then release the oil again. Then, tighten the release bolt, fill the new vacuum pump oil to the specified height, and tighten the oil cap. If the oil in the pump is seriously polluted, add new oil and repeat the operation according to the above method until the pump is cleaned.

If vacuum pump is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and stored with fresh oil.

10. Rotary belt type vacuum packaging machine is strictly prohibited from impacting during working or handling, especially instruments and switches.