vacuum skin packaging machine

Since the date skin pack technology was invented, scientists and packaging machinery manufacturers never stop their paces pursuing better packing effections. More efficiency, higher automation grade,  more labor saving vacuum skin packaging machine is always what researchers have been working for.

Shandong Kangbeite Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced new designed vacuum skin packing machine series, at various automation grade.  One of them is semi-auto tray sealing machine for vacuum skin packs, which we already introduced in the last post. Today we are going to introduce the series of fully automatic thermoforming packaging machine for VSP vacuum skin packaging (TVSP-DRZ series).

vacuum skin packaging machine

Like other types of thermoforming packaging machines, TVSP-DRZ series pack products by combining forming film and sealing film in the forming chamber and sealing chamber. This type of packaging machines feature fully automatic forming of trays/bags, which save a lot of time and labor cost.

TVSP-DRZ series of vacuum skin packaging machines use roll of rigid film as forming film to automatically form the required trays. Operators put the products into the formed trays , a special type vacuum skin pack film is installed to the upper axis as sealing film, the trays contain products and sealing film are firmed adhere to each other with the effect of vacuum skin pack technology.

Advantages of TVSP-DRZ series vacuum skin packaging machines:

  • Trays are formed automatically, no need to purchase from elsewhere, and save the labor of tray disposing.
  • Highest packaging speed. According to the tray size, the machine can make 4-12 finished packs per cycle.
  • Labor saving. With proper configuration of packaging workflow, 1-2 operators is quite enough for a thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine.

Currently the TVSP-DRZ series of vacuum skin packaging machine price is at higher level than other types of thermoforming packing machines. According to customer’s request, and the R&D level of factoris,  current price of thermoforming packaging machines for VSP skin pack could be from USD 10000 to US250000. The factor of price is one of the obstacles that preventing the food companies from adopting these machines.

Shandong Kangbeite Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has observed the market, and is now producing and supplying our type of thermoforming vacuum skin packing machines to worldwide customers at more affordable price, please write email to us for a quotation, or Whatsapp/Wechat  008615006621108