In some cases, your vacuum packing could be fail for so many reasons, either right after the vacuum packaging process completed, or find air leakage in the packages after long time of storage. We could blame many factors, but assume your operators are doing everything right, let’s only spot on what might go wrong with the machine:

1. The blade of the vacuum pump is worn out, and the contact surface between the blade and the cylinder block is not large enough, resulting in insufficient vacuum.
2. The wear of the cylinder block may occur and the inner wall of the cylinder block may be worn, resulting in insufficient vacuum.
3. Rotor displacement. The deviation of the standard installation position between the rotor and the end cover results in insufficient vacuum, which can be corrected by the manufacturer.
4. Vacuum pump leaks air. After long-term use of vacuum pump, the aging of sealing gasket causes vacuum pump leaks air, resulting in insufficient vacuum degree.
5. Whether the motor is normal or not. The abnormal speed of the motor will slow down, resulting in insufficient vacuum.
6. Emulsification and carbonization of vacuum pump oil. If the vacuum pump is not replaced frequently and maintained manually in the long-term use, the oil of the vacuum pump will be emulsified or carbonized, which will lead to a series of problems such as wear and tear of the cylinder block of the vacuum pump, blockage of the tubing, blockage of the oil filter and so on.
7. Blockage or damage of vacuum pump oil filter. Vacuum pump oil filter is also called oil mist separator, oil filter core and exhaust filter core. If the oil mist separator is blocked, the gas pumped into the pump body will not be easily discharged. At this time, the internal pressure in the pump body is too high, the pumping speed is reduced, and the vacuum degree decreases.
8. Whether the silica gel pad is aged or deformed. Is the vacuum chamber deformed?
9. Check that the adjusting spring of the bracket is broken or the adjusting screw of the bracket falls off. At this time, we need to replace the spring and fasten the screw.
10. The two guide pillars at both ends of the airbag bracket of vacuum packaging machine are not parallel. At this time, we need to repair and adjust.
11. Solenoid valve failure airbag does not exhaust, at this time we need to replace the solenoid valve airbag.
12. Air bag leak will lead to poor vacuum of vacuum packer, and directly replace the air bag to solve the problem.
13. The packing belt leaks. At this time, we can scrap it directly.
14. The effect of vacuum heat sealing is not good, the setting of parameters is unreasonable, and the sealing temperature and time parameters have changed. Whether the exhaust time is too short.
15. Quality problems of vacuum bags. Punctured by sharp objects.
16. Bag swelling caused by product deterioration. Vacuum packaging may not be sterilized, or packaging of viable vegetables, melons and fruits, there will be bags and air bagging phenomenon.

Better quality vacuum packaging machines could remarkably reduce the risk of vacuum packs broken or air leakage. If you have any further questions regarding vacuum packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d like to be helpful any time.