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KANGBEITE packaging machine maintenance and repair.

Fully automatic vacuum skin packing machine thermoforming packaging machine for skin pack

Since the date skin pack technology was invented, scientists and packaging machinery manufacturers never stop their paces pursuing better packing effections. More efficiency, higher automation grade,  more labor saving vacuum skin packaging machine is always what researchers have been working for. Shandong Kangbeite Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced [...]

New vacuum skin packing machine you must have for seafood skin pack

For seafood products, like lobster, trepang, salmon, etc, it is very important to keep it's freshness and perfect appearance when it waits to be picked by customers at the market. Vacuum skin packing machine was invented right for this purpose. Compared to other seafood packaging technologies, vacuum skin pack [...]

Thermoforming packaging machine package types

Thermoforming packaging machine Thermoforming packaging machine, AKA rollstock packaging machine, plays a fantastic role in world history of food production. This type of packaging machine earns its position by several outstanding advantages: Labor saving. Labor cost is more and more expensive internationally, with the usage of thermoforming packaging machine, [...]

How to choose vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum packaging machine Food vacuum packaging machine is a necessary packaging equipment for food enterprises. Vacuum packaging machine can insulate food from contact with air and prevent food from deteriorating and mildewing in a short time. Even some hardware factories are choosing vacuum packaging machine to package precision parts, [...]

[Maintenance] Rotary belt type vacuum packaging machine

The rotary belt type vacuum packaging machine, (rolling vacuum packaging machine)as any packaging machines, needs regular maintenance and protection during a period of use. Your are always welcome to ask any questions with regard to vacuum packaging machines. Below is a list of maintenance tips for rotary belt type [...]

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