Durian packaging machine is a series of packaging equipment for whole durian, durian pulps and durian paste.

Introduction of durian and durian market

Durian is a typical tropical fruit, which is liked by so many people while some people find it smells terrible. Durian fruit is available in many countries, like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. But till today, the most well-known durian is MuSang King originate from Malaysia.

China is importing more and more durian fruits from Thailand and Malaysia. In year 2018, China imported 1.1 billion US dollars durian fruits, and this number rised to 1.6 billion US dollars in 2019, a huge increase of 47% percent, due to China government allows import of frozen whole durian fruit from Malaysia. And in a foreseeable 5-10 years, the increasing trending will continue.

As we all know, Malaysia durian fruits are collected sun-ripened until they fall to the ground naturally, so they need ultra careful packaging, storage and transportation for importing to China market.

Check EXPORT OF FORZEN DURIAN PULP TO CHINA from Malaysia government.

Check how the exporting of Malaysia durians to China market is growing fast.

durian farm

Durian on tree

How is Malaysia durians processed and packed?

To import to China, durian should meet certain hygiene standard, very long shelf life, and very good packages to protect them in international transportation. Both whole durian with shell and durian pulps should be quick frozen and vacuum packed.

  • Quick freezing: Durian fruits should be quick frozen by liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine at temperature of -196℃ in 3-8 hours after they are collected, to keep their original color and flavor.
  • Vacuum packing: Durian whole fruit and pulps should be vacuum packed for longer shelf life.
  • Some durian processing factories use VSP vacuum skin packaging technology, to prolong shelf life while present a very nice 3D appearance of durian pulps.
  • MAP modified atmosphere packaging is also used in packaging and storage of durian pulps. Put durian pulps in plastic trays, fill in mixed air with a certain ration, typically 3-5% oxygen, 5-15% carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, then store durian in cool temperature, the shelf life can be prolonged to 8 weeks.
inside a durian factory

Durians on a processing line

Durian packaging machines overview

There are thousands of durian farms and durian processing factories in Malaysia and Thailand, that are of various production output capacity. So the request for durian packaging machines are various. As we’ve mentioned above, durian packaging types mainly includes vacuum packaging, VSP vacuum skin packaging, MAP modified atmosphere packaging, the packaging machines for these packing types are various in output capacity, so durian processing factories can choose the ideal equipment that fits their requirement.

1. Durian vacuum packing machine for whole frozen durian

frozen whole durian

2. Durian vacuum packaging machine for durian pulps

durian pulp

3. Durian vacuum skin packing machine for durian pulps

durian packaging machine

4. Durian paste vacuum packing machine

durian paste vacuum packaging machine

Durian packaging machine – Vacuum packaging machine for whole frozen durian

In Malaysia, the whole frozen durian needs to be vacuum packed before importing to China market. So vacuum packaging machines are very widely needed in the packaging procedure. The weight and size of whole durian is very various, so before packaging,  the process of size sorting is necessary. Usually a ripe durian fruit weight is between 1.5-3 KG, and of course there are smaller and larger ones.

Since a whole durian is a relatively large product to be vacuum packed, the packaging machines commonly used are chamber vacuum sealers, specially designed with deep cavity around 20cm.

Double chamber vacuum sealer overview

Double chamber vacuum sealer, or double chamber vacuum packing machine, is a type of industrial grade vacuum bag sealing machine for food and non-food products. The most advantage of double chamber vacuum sealer is it owns 2 working chamber and 1 swing chamber cover, so that there are no more waiting and time wasting after placing the bags to the vacuum chamber. Packaging efficiency of double chamber vacuum sealer is double of the efficiency of a single chamber vacuum sealer machine.

double chamber vacuum sealer

Overview of double chamber vacuum sealer

How does it work – Vacuum packing machine for whole frozen durian

Why should you choose double chamber vacuum sealer for whole frozen durian

  • Higher packaging efficiency to help expand your business to a new level
  • Genuine SUS304 stainless machine body make sure longest service of the machine, no rust at all. Be cautious in purchasing packaging machines, in some cases, they are not made of genuine SUS304 while the seller claims they are, and the machine is relatively cheap. These machines can’t last long, will rust in 1-2 years, totally a loss in investment.
  • The machines are equipped with BUSCH vacuum pump 100 or 200, for maximum packing speed and vacuum quality
  • Multi-function: Although the machine is designed to have deep cavity for packing of big size whole durian, it can also pack durian pulps inserting flat board to make the cavity flat

What are the output capacity and cost of double chamber vacuum sealer for whole frozen durian

Double chamber vacuum sealer machine common models are DZ600/2S, DZ800/2S. The number 600 and 800 stands for the length of a single heating bar of the machine. Of course these machines are highly customizable, there are also DZ500, DZ700, DZ900 available.

A DZ600/2S vacuum packaging machine can pack 2 whole frozen durians per cycle, and 3 cycles/minute, which means the output capacity is 360 packs/hour. Cost of a standard DZ600/2S vacuum packaging machine is between USD3000 (China brand vacuum pump 100)-4600 (BUSCH vacuum pump 100)

A DZ800/2S vacuum packaging machine can pack 4 whole frozen durians per cycle, and 3 cycles/minute, which means the output capacity is 720 packs/hour. Cost of a standard DZ800/2S vacuum packaging machine is between USD8600 (China brand vacuum pump200)-10100 (BUSCH vacuum pump 200)

durian packaging machine

A DZ800/2S double chamber vacuum sealer

Durian pulps vacuum packaging machine

According to output capacity, there are often 2 types of vacuum packaging machines for frozen durian pulps.

Durian processing factories can always choose their ideal packaging equipment that fits their requirement.

Double chamber vacuum pacakging machine for durian pulps

Just the same machine as the double chamber vacuum sealer for whole frozen durian. Ideally, you can use 1 machine for vacuum packing of both whole frozen durian and frozen durian pulps.

This customer is using a set of DZ800/2S for vacuum packing of whole durian and durian pulps

Another method to use double chamber vacuum sealers for durian pulps vacuum packaging: Vacuum seal durian pulps in trays.

In this method, you need to put durian pulps in trays, then into vacuum bags, and vacuum sealed by chamber vacuum sealer.

durian packaging machine

Thermoforming packaging machine for durian pulps

When it comes to massive vacuum packaging production, thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is always the 1st choice. With this machine,  all you need is 1-2 operators to put the durian pulps into the formed containers. You no longer need vacuum bags, and no need to take out the vacuum sealed packs form the chamber. Almost everything is automatic.

Testing thermoforming packaging machine for durian pulps at customer factory

Seal the vacuum packed durian pulps in trays for retailing purpose

After the durian pulps are vacuum packed, factories usually seal them in plastic trays as retailing packages with weight 400 or 450g.

See how it is done

Durian packaging machine – VSP vacuum skin pack for durian pulps

VSP vacuum skin packaging is always a popular value-added packaging technology. VSP pack can effectively prolong durian’s shelf life while presenting the original shape and color of durian pulps in a vivid way, consumers can be easily attracted by the appearance and decide to make a purchase. With a little more investment into vacuum skin packaging machines, you will see a significant rise in both unit price and sales volume of durians in market, especially in supermarkets.

durian vacuum packing machine

Vertical VSP machine for durian pulps

Vertical VSP machine is semi-automatic, that you need to put durian pulps into pre-made trays, then put the trays into the cavities in mold. The machine will complete the following steps automatically: Vacuum – Film trim – Move out the mold with completed trays, operators then take the completed packs from cavities and put in new trays for another cycle.

Output capacity of vertical VSP machine: 2-6 packs/cycle, 3 cycles/minute.

vacuum skin packaging machine for durian pulps

Inline VSP machine for durian pulps

Compared to vertical VSP machine, inline VSP machine is also for VSP pack of pre-made trays, but much more convenient, and much higher budget of course (4 times of the budget of a vertical VSP machine). Operators only need to put durian pulps in trays, and place the trays onto the conveyor belt, the machine will complete the follow steps automatically: Move forward into the chamber – Vacuum – Film trim – Move the completed packs out of the chamber. Another operator is required at the other end of the machine to collect the completed packs.

durian vacuum packaging machine

Option function: Sometimes it is required to seal another layer of film to the trays after vacuum skin packaging. With inline VSP machine, this process can be done automatically after the process of vacuum skin pack. If you need this function, please contact us for details

durian packing machine

Durian pulps vacuum skin packed, then sealed in trays

Thermoforming VSP packaging machine for durian pulps

Ultra packaging solutions for durian pulps vacuum skin packaging, with higher budget than any other durian packaging machines.

You only need packaging films for container forming, and sealing. No need to purchase pre-made trays anymore.

thermoforming packaging machine for durian vacuum skin pack

Frozen durian paste vacuum packaging machine

Durian paste can be used as a topping on vanilla ice cream: dilute the paste with creme fraiche, heavy cream or plain unsweetened yoghurt until the consistency is slightly runny, etc.

You can always vacuum pack frozen durian paste with a double chamber vacuum packing machine for a general output capacity. The machine is just same as we described in the begging part of the article :  For vacuum packing of whole durian and durian pulps.

vacuum packed durian paste

Vacuum packed frozen durian paste

Tips to consider before purchasing durian packaging machines

Before invest into durian industry and durian packing machine, as in any other industry, you always need to consider 3 main factors: The industry market prospect, Your advantages in the market competition, Make the right decisions in purchasing the right machines for  you.

Durian market is thriving, and certainly the market will keep growing in the next 5-10 years, as the China market is keep growing.

So it’s always not a bad decision to enter the market for now, if you have the right contacts to do the exporting.

Here we will only talk about factors you need to pay attention to before buying packaging equipment for durian:

  • Choose the packaging machines that fit your production output capacity request. Not too big, not too small. If you have confidence in expanding your business in near future, it’s always important to have durian packaging machine with larger output capacity.
  • Choose high quality durian packaging machines. Yes, I understand there are so many durian packaging machine suppliers on the market that makes you confused. But remember, you get what you pay for.  You will be in the durian industry for many many years to make profit from it, so you need sturdy machines that can work for 8-12 hours per day, sustaining for many many years, I mean more than 10 years. Believe me, you don’t want a machine that collapses or rust in 2 years.
  • Choose durian packiing machines with good after-sale service. Is the machine easy to use? Does the supplier keeps following up after you made payment?  How does the supplier assist with you in case of machine faults?

Well, if you have any other questions regarding durian packaging machines, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message.