Inline Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

ATS is an automatic tray sealing machine for various types of preformed plastic trays, bowls and cups. So it’s also called tray sealer, cup sealer, bowl sealer, cup sealing machine, bowl sealing machine.

The process of sealing/ vacuuming/ gas injecting is automatic with minimum manual operation. You only have to put the trays in the mould, simply press ‘START’ button, the mould drawer automatically slide into the chamber and out after the process completed. Sealing film automatically rotate without any hand work.

Important features to consider:
• Teflon coated sealing plate
• Profile cutting to the tray size
• Digital temperature controller with PT 100 probe
• 10 storable programs
• Structure made of stainless steel, aluminum and polythene
• Fast tool change
• Moulds made on tray samples for any shape

Automatic tray sealing machine functions to choose

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

  • Vacuum skin packaging (VSP)
  • Vacuum sealing

  • Sealing only

ATS machine types

For one operator only. Operator works at one side of the machine to put the trays in the mould and take them out after the process completed.

For 2 operators to work oppositely at two sides of the machine simultaneously. The two mould draws work alternatively to save time, improve efficiency. Ideally, dual mould drawer machine features a efficiency improvement of 30%- 50% than the single mould drawer machine.

Popular Tray Types (for reference)

Typical Applications


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