Q: What is Vacuum Packaging?

A: The process of removing air from food & non-food product packages and then sealing that product in an impermeable package.

Q: Why Using Vacuum Package?
A:  1) To extend shelf life of any fresh perishable product by 3 to 5 times of its normal refrigerated life.
2) For convenient transportation.

Q: How is food’s shelf life extended under Vacuum circumstances?
A: Removing the air that surrounds food inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and yeast, because these and other spoilage micro-organisms need oxygen to grow. Once moist air is removed and the pouch is sealed, oxygen levels continue to drop while carbon dioxide levels increase. The low oxygen, high carbon dioxide
environment significantly reduces the growth of normal spoilage organisms, allowing longer shelf life.

Q: Do Vacuum Packaged products still need to be refrigerated or frozen?
A: Yes. Some organisms are resistant to high carbon dioxide levels. Their growth is slowed at lower temperatures.

Q: Who could do Vacuum Package?
A: Anyone, who buys, sells, transports or stores perishable food products. No matter you are  food businessman, food processor, food wholeser or retailer. You even have the options to buy a small vacuum sealer for home kitchen use.

Q: What are the special advantages of Vacuum Packaging?
A: Some of the advantages include as below:
1. Vacuum Packaging allows for money saving quantity buying. Products such as cheese, continental
small goods, fish, bacon, coffee and nuts, processed meats and many other food items may be
bought in bulk at a lower price and then pre-packaged by either a central warehouse or in each
supermarket or restaurant outlet.
2. Vacuum packaging reduces product shrinkage. There is no moisture loss or evaporation in a
sealed vacuum bag. Therefore, the weight you package will be the weight you sell.
3. Vacuum packaging reduces trim losses by eliminating oxidation and freezer burn.
4. Vacuum packaging can enhance product quality. Vacuum packaged meat held at 32° to 35°F
does not hinder “aging” or tenderising.
5. Vacuum packaging allows more efficient use of time. Food can be prepared in advance without loss of freshness, so slack times are more productive and busy times are more manageable.

Q: What kinds of products is vacuum packaging technology applied to:
A: Vacuum packaging is applied to various products in various industries, including food and non-food products.

  • Fresh & frozen meat vacuum packaging: Pork, beef, poultry, rabbit meat, etc.
  • Processed meat products vacuum packaging: Sausage, ham, roast chicken, cooked meat products, etc.
  • Aquatic & seafood vacuum packaging: Lobster, shrimp, fish fillet, tuna, salmon, trepang, all types of fresh and frozen fishes, etc.
  • Bakery, rice, bean products
  • Electrics, hardware
  • Chemistry products

Q: How many type of vacuum packaging machines in KANGBEITE PACKAGING MACHINERY’s category?
A: KANGBEITE PACKAGING MACHINERY is a professional manufacturer and service provider of vacuum packaging machines with over 10 years’ experience. According to automation grade, main products of vacuum packaging machines include:

  1. Semi-auto chamber vacuum sealing machine
  2. Semi-auto tray sealing machine
  3. Fully automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machines

For machines details, please visit our vacuum packaging machine page.

Q: How should I choose vacuum packaging machines that fits my needs:
A: For business in different phase, we definitely need different vacuum packaging machines of various automation grade and output.

  1. For home kitchen use, of course you should choose a small vacuum sealer, brand name like ‘foodsaver’ or products from China factory which are of high quality too.
  2. For small business owner, a set of chamber vacuum sealer or tray sealer is good enough, and with the growing of your business, you can easily buy 1 set, 2 sets, or even more for growing vacuum packaging purpose.
  3. For medium &mlarge scale business owner, of course, at this stage, simply purchasing more semi-auto packaging machines is not cost effective. Because firstly, you’ll need more labor to operate the machines; Secondly, the cost of semi-auto packaging machines can easily cover the cost of a fully automatic thermoforing packaging machine. So we strongly recommend thermoforming vacuum packaging machines, which is of higher packaging efficiency, labor saving (1-2 people to do all the process), and maintenance easy (maintain one single machine is always easier than several small machines).

****Warning – If vacuum packaged food is not top quality, fresh, prepared in a sanitary manner
at proper pH levels and stored at an appropriate temperature, it may not reach optimum shelf life and could be harmful to a persons health if consumed. Vacuum packaging is not a substitute for canning. Perishable foods must be refrigerated.