The whole process of RTE ready to eat meal may seems simple but actually very complicated. Each process pays special attention to hygiene. From food material purchasing, food material processing, finished ready to eat meal packaging, meal cooling to refrigeration, to the retailing market and so on, it takes over 10 procedures, at least 10 hours to complete.

fast food packaging machine

Washing, cutting, stir-frying, cooling, packaging, distribution… Each production line is processed synchronously, and the processing process is “semi-automated”. The procedures of washing and dicing are completed by food material processing machinery made of stainless steel ; The whole production base is categorized to warehouse, cold storage, disinfection room, meat products processing room, vegetable processing room, room temperature warehouse, packaging room, etc.

ready to eat meal packing machine

Well cooked foods such as red shrimp, braised beef and green beans, served with rice, are cooled at room temperature and then packed into food trays, use the technology of MAP modified atmosphere packaging, with different types of modified atmosphere packaging machines.

ready to eat meal modified atmosphere packaging machine

The ready to eat meal modified atmosphere packaging machine extract oxygen, carbon dioxide in the air of the trays, synchronously filling with nitrogen or mixed air supplied by cylinders, to ensure that food does not deteriorate. Then the tray is well sealed, the safety detection of metal detector is carried out automatically. Ready to eat meals packed in modified atmosphere packages can be guaranteed for at least 72 hours fresh time.

ready to eat meal packaging

Finished products after modified atmosphere packaging are then labled manually or automatically, and then entered the “quick cooling” stage. Packages with peoper labels of date, shelf-life and name of the meal will be quick frozen in two “quick-cooling tunnels” . The whole process will have a temperature of minus 25-35 degrees Celsius, which will rapidly cool the food to 0-5 degrees Celsius. After cooling, the boxed meals are packed into the fast food turnover box and sent to the cold storage in batches for quality inspection.

ready to eat meal packaging machine

After all the processes are completed, they ready to eat meal in modified atmosphere packages are allowed to be distributed, to trains, offices, etc.

Shandong Kangbeite Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging machines, including thermoforming packaging machines, MAP modified atmosphere packaging machines, VSP vacuum skin packaging machines, Vacuum packaging machines.

KANGBEITE PACKAGING MACHINERY has introduced a full series of MAP modified atmosphere packaging machines to worldwide market.

ready to eat meal modified atmosphere packaging machine

Semi-auto tray sealing machine for MAP modified atmosphere packaging


  1. Customizable mold for different shape and size of trays/ bowls;
  2. SUS304 stainless steel structure
  3. Single mold/ Dual molds available
  4. Speed: 3-4 cycles per minute
ready to eat meal modified atmosphere packaging machine

Automatic  inline  tray  sealing machine


  1. Suitable for various types of trays/bowls
  2. SUS304 stainless steel structure
  3. Auto loading available
  4. Conveying belt for easy finished packs unloading

ready to eat meal modified atmosphere packaging machine

Thermoforming packaging machine for MAP packaging


  1. Fits both rigid tray and flexible packages
  2. Trays containers automatically formed
  3. Fully automatic packing solution
  4. SUS304 stainless steel structure

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