Fresh fruits and vegetables still maintain the metabolism of absorbing oxygen and discharging CO2, while consuming nutrients. Freshness preservation of fruits and vegetables is achieved by reducing the oxygen content in the environment and low temperature storage to reduce the respiratory rate, and eliminating CO2 generated by respiration to delay the ripening and senescence of fruits and vegetables.

modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh vegetables and fruits packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging gases of fruits and vegetables are composed of O2, CO2 and N2. Fruits and vegetables are packed with permeable film, filled with low O2 and high CO2 and sealed after replacement with mixed gases, so that the content of O2 in packaging is lower than that of air and the accumulation of CO2 is higher than that of air. Gas exchange is carried out through thin film to achieve an atmosphere conducive to preserving fresh environment of fruits and vegetables and maintaining weak oxygen demand breathing.

modified atmosphere packaging machine

Most fruits and vegetables modified atmosphere packaging are packed in mixed air of 5% O2, 5% CO2 and 90% N2, and have a long shelf life at 6 ~8℃.

For example, when modified atmosphere packaging is used for freshness preservation of litchi fruits. Treating litchi fruits with 10% CO2+90% N2 and 20% CO2+80% N2 for 24 hours can not only achieve the purpose of preservation, but also improve the rate of good fruit, keep the skin red, and do not affect the nutrient composition. High CO2 and low oxygen conditions combined with ozone treatment (4.3mg/M3 concentration) and edible thin film packages, can extend the shelf life of litchi fruits for 8-10 days.

Litchi modified atmosphere packaging machine

American scientists used mango fruit to test the effect of modified atmosphere packaging. Mango is peeled and cut into pieces. Respectively, they use oxygen packaging, Modified atmosphere packaging with mixed gas (N2 86%, CO2 10%, O2 4%) and vacuum packaging. The results showed that the mango packaged by modified atmosphere packaging had a longer shelf life. After a certain period of storage, the quality of mango in MAP packaging was better, such as color, texture and microorganisms damage was reduced.

mango modified atmosphere packaging machine

Modified atmosphere packaging is also suitable for fresh-keeping of pre-processed vegetables.

Pre-processed vegetables, also known as pre-cut fruits and vegetables, semi-processed fruits and vegetables, are safe, fresh, nutritious and convenient to cater to the needs of busy office workers, but they are easy to turn brown after cutting. Using modified atmosphere packaging to reduce oxygen content can greatly extend their shelf life. For example, cut lettuce can be prevented from turning brown by modified atmosphere packaging with mixed air of 1% – 3% O2, 5% – 6% CO2 and 90% N2.

pre-cut vegetables modified atmosphere packaging machine

Modified atmosphere packaging is also suitable for peeled and sliced apples, potatoes, leafy vegetables and other fruits and vegetables. Developing packaging film suitable for the  modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables is the key to broaden the way of fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables.

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Modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh vegetables and fruits packaging

modified atmosphere packaging machine

Semi-auto tray sealing machine for MAP modified atmosphere packaging


  1. Customizable mold for different shape and size of trays/ bowls;
  2. SUS304 stainless steel structure
  3. Single mold/ Dual molds available
  4. Speed: 3-4 cycles per minute
ready to eat meal modified atmosphere packaging machine

Automatic  inline  tray  sealing machine


  1. Suitable for various types of trays/bowls
  2. SUS304 stainless steel structure
  3. Auto loading available
  4. Conveying belt for easy finished packs unloading

modified atmosphere packaging machine

Thermoforming packaging machine for MAP packaging


  1. Fits both rigid tray and flexible packages
  2. Trays containers automatically formed
  3. Fully automatic packing solution
  4. SUS304 stainless steel structure

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