The modified atmosphere packaging of fresh pork, mutton and beef is meant to keep both the original red color, flavor, tastes, moisture content of the fresh meat products . The gas of the modified atmosphere package is composed of O2 and CO2.

modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh meat packaging

According to the different meat types, the gas composition is different. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of pork is composed of 60% – 70% CO2 and 30% – 40% CO2. The shelf life of pork in modified atmosphere packaging is usually 7 – 10 days at 0 ~4℃  ((including cooling ATP active substance at 0-4℃ after slaughter for 24 hours makes ATP soft, fragrant and palatable chilled pork).

In the modified atmosphere packaging of fresh meat, the use of high concentration of oxygen can keep fresh meat bright red. In the hypoxic environment, the meat is light purple. For example, with CO2, N2 and other fresh-keeping gases, the meat color is light purple, and the shelf life can reach about 30 days.

Fresh meat packaging materials also require the use of composite plastic packaging materials with high gas barrier.

Modified atmosphere packaging of poultry meat is mainly antiseptic and fresh-keeping. The gas used for modified atmosphere packaging of poultry products is composed of CO2 and N2. The shelf life of poultry meat packaged with 50% – 70% CO2, 50% – 30% N2 at 0 ~4℃ storage is 14 days.

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Modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh meat packaging

Semi-auto tray sealing machine for MAP modified atmosphere packaging


  1. Customizable mold for different shape and size of trays/ bowls;
  2. SUS304 stainless steel structure
  3. Single mold/ Dual molds available
  4. Speed: 3-4 cycles per minute
ready to eat meal modified atmosphere packaging machine

Automatic  inline  tray  sealing machine


  1. Suitable for various types of trays/bowls
  2. SUS304 stainless steel structure
  3. Auto loading available
  4. Conveying belt for easy finished packs unloading

Thermoforming packaging machine for MAP packaging


  1. Fits both rigid tray and flexible packages
  2. Trays containers automatically formed
  3. Fully automatic packing solution
  4. SUS304 stainless steel structure

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