Most food tastes good at the beginning of preparation. But the process of production, finishing and distribution makes it impossible for food to be sold and consumed completely in this period of time. As a result, producers must find ways to keep food fresh, from factories to stores and consumers’ tables. How can modified atmosphere packaging keep different foods fresh? Shandong Kangbeite Packaging gives you an analysis of how some common foods are kept fresh through modified atmosphere packaging.

Modified atmosphere packaging for preservation of bread

bread modified atmosphere packagingWhen dealing with bread products, we must pay attention to some facts. The more water content, the more difficult it is to keep bread for a long time. The problem of bread preservation is mould. Mould growth requires oxygen, which also dries bread. So oxygen is the enemy of bread storage. So be careful that there is no or very little oxygen in the bread package. This is easy to achieve through carbon dioxide gas packaging, but care must be taken to detect whether the packaging leaks

Modified atmosphere packaging of cheese

sliced cheese modified atmosphere packagingWhen it comes to cheese, you might think that bacteria are part of good cheese. But in fact, good cheese depends on the type of bacteria. Some bacteria are good for cheese, others are bad for cheese. Rule of thumb: Hard cheese with low moisture content is prone to be invaded by mould, while cheese with high moisture content is prone to bacteria. Packing with pure carbon dioxide prevents bacteria from growing. The soft cheese and chopped cheese scheme is a combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to ensure its original form, because the storage of carbon dioxide environment will form a vacuum effect around the cheese packaging, which we do not want to see.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-keeping of Coffee

The main enemy for coffee storage is oxygen. When coffee is roasted, it produces a lot of volatile oil. If coffee is exposed to oxygen, the oil oxidizes, causing the coffee to smell rotten. Therefore, coffee packaging must avoid oxygen. At this time, if nitrogen is chosen, the coffee taste period will be prolonged, which is a win-win situation.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fish and Seafood

fresh fish modified atmosphere packagingThe key to keeping fish and seafood fresh is to keep them cool. No, it’s freezing – close to zero degrees Celsius. But even if you have a temperature of zero degrees Celsius, seafood will still decay slowly.

Bacteria in fish can change the color of the fish and gradually give off a bad smell. Oxygen is an enemy, because many bacteria are aerobic, meaning they can multiply in an oxygen environment. But oxygen is also the key to keeping fish fresh. So find a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

For MAP modified atmosphere packaging in food packing and storage, the most important part is to find the right air mix ratio for your product, and this may need some test and experiment before you make it a process regulation of your business.

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