roast chicken legs packaging machine

With the development of disinfection and preservation technology, some foods which were easy to deteriorate in the past can be preserved for a long time, such as meat packaged in vacuum. Many people think that food packaged in vacuum is “absolutely safe”, but in fact it is not.

Vacuum packaging may provide a good living environment for some anaerobes. Once anaerobes grow in food packaged in vacuum, they may cause food poisoning. For example, there is a bacterium called Listeria, which is more than 100 times higher than in the air in a vacuum packaged anaerobic environment. And many of these bacteria can also reproduce at low temperatures, leading to spoilage of food placed in refrigerators.

Generally, meat packaged in vacuum, such as pork, has a shelf life of 20 days at room temperature, can be stored for 2 weeks in a refrigerator at 4℃, and can be stored for a month or two in a freezer at – 18 ℃. Therefore, even if the stored food is vacuum packaged, it should be eaten as soon as possible to avoid food corruption.

In fact, if you want to eat healthy, safe and delicious food, it is best to be fresh.