Ham is a popular fast-food in our daily life. After the selection of raw materials to the end of the whole complex pickling process, it is more important to find a packaging machine which can not only ensure the quality of ham, but also improve the production of ham – automatic vacuum packaging machine for ham, stretch film packaging machine. Let’s list some reasons that why we should use thermoforming vacuum packaging machine in ham packing.

ham vacuum packaging machine

1. The thermoforming packaging machine can greatly improve the production efficiency of ham and reduce the labor force.

This machine integrates a series of production links, such as film stretching, filling materials, vacuum pumping, air filling, heat sealing, coding/spraying code, cutting, etc. It has the function of a packaging production line. The whole operation process only needs one or two people to mix the material in the feeding area. The other links are fully automated production, which not only saves the labor, but also improves the production efficiency. The production efficiency is improved.

2. The automatic vacuum packaging machine of ham is beneficial to the sanitation of ham in the process of packaging, and it does not need premade bags to improve the quality of products.

Unlike other vacuum packers, the equipment does not need premade bags in the packaging process, which can avoid direct contact between people and ham and reduce the pollution of ham. At the same time, because of the fast packaging speed of the equipment, the ham stays in the air for a short time, thus reducing the pollution of ham and improving the sanitary conditions of ham.

3. Fully automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for ham has a wide range of applications and realizes multi-specification packaging requirements.

The machine can be equipped with a variety of specifications of moulds, such as hairtail, sea cucumber and some other seafood, as well as snack food such as chicken feet and wings, which we usually eat, can be vacuum or air-conditioned packaging with the equipment.

4. Fully automatic vacuum packaging of ham stretching film can save materials and protect the environment.

The machine is equipped with waste recycling device. It adopts imported original fan, which has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable operation, long service life and low noise. Some dust and liquid materials are prone to escape, foam and spatter in the process of manual packaging. The vacuum packaging machine can prevent these situations, which not only protects the environment, but also saves materials and reduces costs. 。

5. Fully automatic vacuum packaging of ham stretching film can prolong the shelf life of food and facilitate transportation and storage.

Through the packaging process of vacuum, inflatable, sterile lamp and other links, it can preserve ham and other food, prolong the shelf life, and make the circulation and sales of products wider.

Fully automatic vacuum packaging machine for ham stretching film is a modern and highly automated vacuum packaging machine in vacuum packaging machine. Because of its high cost, the price is relatively high.