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Modified Atmosphere Packaging gas is generally composed of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and a small amount of special gases. Carbon dioxide gas can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most aerobic spoilage bacteria and fungi, and is the main antimicrobial agent in the fresh-keeping gas. Oxygen can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic spoilage bacteria, maintain the color of fresh meat, maintain the aerobic respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintain freshness. Nitrogen is an inert gas, which can be combined with carbon dioxide, oxygen and special gases to keep fresh.

Nutritionists believe that there is an active substance of ATP in the body of pig after slaughtering, if eaten immediately, its nutritional value is not as good as that of cooling first. After cooling for 24 hours at 0-4℃ environment, ATP loses its activity and achieves acid-excretion process, pork becomes soft and fragrant, tastes good, and is conducive to human absorption. This is also called ‘chilled meat’. The packaging of chilled meat includes vacuum packaging, nitrogen filling packaging and compound modified atmosphere packaging. Because the color of chilled meat in vacuum packaging and nitrogen-filled packaging darkens and loses the original fresh color of fresh meat after packaging, the composite modified atmosphere packaging machine is generally used. The fresh-keeping period of chilled meat after composite modified atmosphere packaging is 7-12 days, and the color and flavor of fresh meat can be maintained.

Modified atmosphere packaging becomes favorite packaging method of the meat products industry for many good reasons. Here’s 5 main reasons.

  1. Modified atmosphere packaging is beneficial to prolong the shelf life of chilled meat. Preservation of fresh pork, beef and mutton requires keeping their original color, flavor and preventing decay. Oxygen oxidizes myoglobin to oxymyoglobin, and the meat is bright red. Hypoxic packaging such as vacuum packaging, nitrogen-filled packaging, reduction of oxymyoglobin to myoglobin in meat, makes the meat look dark, will be mistaken by consumers as not fresh meat, thus cause decrease in sales. The modified atmosphere packaging of fresh pork, beef and mutton is composed of carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases. High concentration of oxygen can keep fresh meat bright red or brighter. Carbon dioxide is used for bacteriostasis and preservation. The shelf life is 7-30 days at 0-4 C. Fresh poultry can be preserved for more than 30 days with carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  1. It is helpful to maintain the appearance color of chilled meat. The fresh meat packaged by modified atmosphere packaging, under the action of fresh-keeping gas, can better maintain the fresh color of fresh meat, attract consumers’ desire to buy, thus increasing product sales and bringing more profits to enterprises.
  1. It is beneficial to improve the quality, safety and hygiene of chilled meat. Chilled meat is more conducive to human absorption after acid exhaustion. After modified atmosphere packaging, chilled meat is isolated from the outside world, and bacteria can not harm the meat products. In this way, the quality, safety and hygiene of cold meat can be improved to a large extent, so that consumers can really buy safe, hygienic and high-quality chilled meat.
  1. It helps to reduce the frequency of distribution, save production costs and expand the scope of marketing. Because of the extension of the fresh-keeping period of cold meat, the marketing scope of cold meat can be effectively expanded, and the frequency of distribution can be relatively reduced, thus saving the cost of distribution and transportation.
  1. Favorable to establish brand image. After the use of modified atmosphere packaging, cold meat has greatly improved both in product quality and appearance. It will promote the expansion of brand and the promotion of corporate image, and effectively improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, thus enabling enterprises to compete in the fiercely competitive market of chilled meat.

Main types of modified atmosphere packaging machines

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