beef packaging and storage

Fresh beef packaging and storage

During low temperature storage of fresh beef packaged for consumption, the colony on the surface of meat is formed due to the growth of Psychrophilic bacteria, Achrobacter spp. The quality of fresh meat decreased. Lactobacillus made meat green. Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus potato spoiled meat. Consumption (user) meat packaging materials use OPS (extended polystyrene), HIPS (impact polystyrene) as pallets, extended vinyl chloride film as packaging materials, 10 C can be stored for 3 to 4 days, packaging process is fully automated with inline MAP modified atmosphere tray sealing machine.

In order to prolong the shelf life of fresh beef products, MAP modified atmosphere packaging, also known as nitrogen filling packaging, is widely used. After slaughtering, the beef was cut at low temperature according to specifications, and the meat temperature was below 5℃. Then it was put into the PVC/PE container. After replacing the air in the container with the mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide, polyvinylidene chloride was used as the interlayer and sealed with a cover. Oxygen combines with myoglobin of beef to produce myoglobin to maintain the unique bright red color of beef. Carbon dioxide combines with water in meat to produce carbonic acid, reduce PH value and inhibit bacterial growth. Best temperature of fresh beef meat products in MAP modified atmosphere packages is 2 ~3℃.

Chilled beef packaging and storage

Chilled beef is sliced from the origin of beef, vacuum packaged in airtight packaging materials, delivered to the market for supply. The purpose of making fresh meat into chilled meat is to ripen, clean, prevent drying and natural wastage of meat surface, prevent light and oxygen from changing flesh color, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and maintain freshness for a long time.

The packaging materials for chilled beef are pressed by multi-layer plastic film. The shrinkage types are PE/NY/EVE film, NY/EVA film, NY/10NOMER film, NY/PE/EVA film, NY/10NOMER/EVA film, NY/PE film and NY/10NOMER/PE film.

In order to reduce the number of bacteria in vacuum packaging and processing environment, processors usually use detergent to clean machinery and utensils, and then use iodine and other fungicides to kill bacteria.

Packing with high pressure polyethylene bags, the surface moisture is leached before packaging, otherwise the surface will be obviously frozen after freezing. Raw meat has been completely thawed after semi-thawed by tender soaking. If it is not frozen in time, the color will darken and lose freshness. The frozen temperature is – 18 ℃ for 3 hours.

Beef packaging machine for various packaging types

beef packaging machine