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Modified atmosphere packaging technology is already utilized in the packaging of many food products, including fresh meat, aquatic products, other meat products, bakery products, ready made meals, etc. But for some customers, the lack of essential knowledges in MAP technology is still a problem. Below we list 8 frequently asked questions in the use of modified atmosphere packaging.

1. How to extend the shelf life of our products by using the modified atmosphere packaging technology?

Temperature, cleanliness, packaging and mixed gases ratio are all factors that determine the shelf life of food. Usually, the shelf life of the products can be increased by several days to several weeks under the best possible environment.

2. Can I freeze the food packaged in modified atmosphere packages?

Sure. However, when food stored in a box/bag melts, your product loses a lot of moisture and looks less fresh and delicious. Also, make sure that the packaging material you use is suitable for freezing.

3. When I open the food package, I smell something special. Why does this happen?

In most cases, food packaged correctly in any packages will have some smells after package opened, which is a normal phenomenon. Each food product releases its own volatile gas, which accumulates in the headspace. Open the package and wait for a minute. If the taste hasn’t been exhausted, the quality of the product needs to be tested.

4. What kind of gas or mixture ratio is used in cooked meat?

Meat can be cooked successfully in CO2 and N2 environments. The mixing ratio should refer to different meat types and meat cutting methods.

5. What mixture should we use?

The type of gas mixture depends on the type of food, the shelf life you plan and the user of the product. Some accurate data need to be experimented to tell you what kind of gas mixture you need.

6. Why is there water vapor condensation in our modified atmosphere packaging?

The possible reason for water vapor condensation is the difference between product temperature and storage temperature. We can add transparent fog-proof film to the package. The product should be kept at a fairly low temperature in the packaging process and at this temperature or lower in the storage process. Packing should also be puncturable so as to check the residual oxygen in the package.

7. Why does Modified Atmosphere Packaging Concave?

This is a normal physical phenomenon and often occurs in products with high water content. Carbon dioxide is a basic compound in air-conditioned mixture. It is easy to dissolve water and fat in food to ensure that the food has a lower temperature. That’s why many products with CO2 in the headspace produce a certain degree of vacuum inside them.

8. How do we know that the headspace volume and gas mixture ratio in product packaging are correct?

Modified atmosphere packaging equipment has a special gas analyzer to accomplish this task. These analyzers will give you fairly high-precision information about the residual oxygen content of mixed gases in your product. Establishing a good quality control system can avoid a large number of product quality problems. Shandong Kangbeite Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. can help you choose the right equipment for you.

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