Recently KANGBEITE PACKAGING team paid a visit to a durian processing plant Located in Pathum Thani Province, this durian processing plant belongs to Queen Frozen Fruit Company, whose production ability is available throught the year, they provide a variety of durian products, including whole frozen durian, frozen durian pulp, frozen durian puree, durian dry, pulp raw materials, durian pizza, durian ice cream, durian glutinous rice, sugar-stained durian and so on
, more new products are being developed, 80%~90% of their products are exported to China, can be purchased in Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms. This processing plant has Thailand’s largest durian warehouse, fresh fruit Warehouse has 51200 square meters, can store up to 1500 tons of durian. There are also 8 frozen warehouses with a total storage capacity of 4000 tons.
The processing workshop can accommodate 700 workers at the same time for production, quality inspection, packaging and other operations. So, how does the Thai factory process durian?

Durian processing and packaging :

1. Incoming area

The lorry ships durian to the incoming area, After unloading, the maturity of the durian is judged by observing the appearance, knocking and listening, and then grading. If the maturity meets the requirements, it will be sent to the factory for processing. If the maturity is not enough, it will wait for 2~3 days to re-examine.
2. Locker Room
Workers need to change into overalls and headgear before entering the workshop, and there are places inside the locker room for workers to wash their hands and bathe, and the locker room is also an important part of quality control.
3. Grading Room

The processing workshop is maintained at 18 ℃, and durian that meets the maturity requirements are divided into 5 levels after the shell is removed and placed in a basket of different colors. The highest level is class A, the sweetness needs to be higher than 28 degrees, and the shape should be beautiful.
C-grade durian will not be used directly to make frozen durian, but will be used as raw materials for other processed products.

durian grading room 4. Quality Management Room
After shelling and grading, durian is transmitted to the quality management room, the quality inspector will check whether durian is correctly divided into the corresponding level.

durian quality control 5.  Air Blast Freeze Room

Advanced quick freezing equipment to ensure the quality and output of durian, the processing plant of the blast chamber temperature can reach -60 ℃.
Durian will be stored in the blowout chamber for at least 8 hours, through which the ice crystals in the pulp can be reduced and the quality and taste will be better.

durian quick freezing 6. Durian packaging
Workers in the packaging room pack the frozen durian at a certain weight. They use MAP modified atmosphere packaging in premade trays by automatic tray sealer machine. Durian packaging machine could be various according to your market requirement. In 2018, Malaysia and China has come to agreement for export of Malaysia durian products, there will be a boost in demand of durian packaging machine, either for modified atmosphere packaging or vacuum skin packaging.

durian packaging machine 7. Refrigeration Warehouse
The packed durian is transported to the freezer by elevator, and the temperature remains at -18℃~-25℃.

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