Malaysia durian stands at the top of world durian market, they are famous for so many varieties and flavors. In recent years, durian products from Malaysia starts to export fo China market at very large quantity.

durian packaging machine

Our Malaysia customer is an exporter of Durian products. We custom made a series of durian packaging machines for them, and these machines were well installed and setup at the end of July, 2019. Our engineer arrived before they officially launch their project, for the final test of the machine to make sure everything is ready for massive production.

This customer ordered  1 set of thermoforming packaging machine for vacuum/ gas flushing packaging of durian sarcocarp in flexible packages; 1 set of tray sealing machine for durian sarcocarp MAP modified atmosphere packaging in pre-made trays; 1 set of DZ800/2S double chamber vacuum packaging machine for vacuum packaging of both whole durian fruit and durian sarcocarp.

Thermoforming packaging machine for vacuum packaging of durian

Semi-auto tray sealer machine for MAP modified atmosphere packaging of durian

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine for vacuum packing of whole durian

Double chamber vacuum packing machine for vacuum packaging of durian sarcocarp

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